UV Resin Jewelry Craft Bento


UV resin jewelry has been popular in Japan in recent years, for obvious reasons – they’re pretty, easy to make, and require low upfront costs to start making at home.

Our UV Resin Craft Bento includes everything you need to make your own resin jewelry at home. With our online tutorial, you’ll learn real techniques of working with resin without molds and create your very own instagrammable jewelry. We will cover the fundamental of UV resin, techniques of working with UV resin, coloring resin and casting decoratives like gold flakes, beads, pearl into resin then apply these techniques onto the the jewelry you design. We’ll also discuss different types of resin and troubleshoot common issues.

This craft bento is perfect for beginners as it includes everything you need to kick start your UV resin project:-
-1x Portable 6w UV LED Lamp or 1x 48w UV LED Lamp
-1x 25g UV-LED Cure Resin
-Non-stick base padding
-Set of 4 gel colors
-1 box of gold/silver decoratives
-1x mini tray
-1x wooden stick
-Set of 20 Jump rings
-Set of 12 earring hooks
-Set of 12 Earring studs
-Set of 2 hair clip blanks
-Set of 2 pliers
-Alcohol wipe
-Password protected tutorial

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Type of LED Lamp

Portable 6w UV LED Lam, 48w UV LED Lamp