Design-Your-Own Punch Needle Kit for Chunky Yarn


Punch Needle is a form of embroidery, worked with a special tool called a Punch Needle that creates loops on the front of the fabric. It is often called “Thread Painting” due to the wonderful details and textures you are able to create, much like you can with a painting.

Other than sharing the experience of this traditional craft with a modern twist through workshops, we offer craft kits for our workshop participants to continue the punch party at home. Or, if you are located outside of Klang Valley, feel free to purchase one of these to try at home and shoot us an email with any questions 🙂

This kit includes everything you need to start a punch needle project:-
-1 x Special embroidery hoop (20cm in diameter) for punch needle with interlocking tongue and groove to hold the fabric tightly in place
-1 x Adjustable Punch needle that creates 6 different loop sizes for yarn thickness up to 5mm
-1 x Threader
-1 x Monk’s cloth 30x30cm
-1 x Curved blade scissors – You’ll need this to create shag texture in your work
-1 x Water Erasable Fabric Marking Pen-Instructions to use the punch needle
-Unlimited access to our Punch Needle Design Bank

Our punch needle kits are re-usable. You just need to purchase yarn and monk’s cloth to keep the punch party going at home 🙂

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