Polymer Clay Jewelry Craft Bento


Polymer clay has been popular in the recent years for obvious reasons – they’re easy to make, huge variety of colors, durable and you can make it at home.

Our polymer clay craft bento includes everything you need to make your own polymer clay jewelry at home. With our online tutorial, you’ll learn the fundamentals of polymer clay – conditioning, kneading, rolling, techniques to create different shapes, and tips to baking. At the end of the tutorial, you’ll be able to create your very own designs.

This craft bento is perfect for beginners as it includes everything you need to kick start your polymer clay project. We will be sharing with you the basic & common techniques used in working with polymer clay (plus some additional tips to make it as fool proof as possible).

This craft bento includes:-
-Set of 5 polymer clay
-Set of 6 Polymer clay cutter
-Set of 8 polymer clay carving tool
-1x Craft knife
-1x Clay blade
-1x wooden stick
-1x Clay roller
-Set of 20 Jump rings
-Set of 12 earring hooks
-Set of 12 Earring studs
-Set of 2 pliers
-Super glue
-Non stick paper
-Password protected basic polymer clay tutorial (Abstract & Marble) by Dear Sister Co.