Basic Needle Felting Tool Kit


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In the world of crafting, needle felting is one of the cutest activities around. It’s simple in concept and the results are elaborate sculptures made completely out of wool. Essentially, the activity uses a special barbed needle to fuse fibers together in a stiff form.

Other than sharing the experience of needle felting through workshops, we offer craft kit for our workshop participants to continue their needle felting journey at home. Or, if you are located outside of Klang Valley, feel free to purchase one of these to try at home and shoot us an email with any questions 🙂

For a beginner felter, if you want to start experimenting with a variety of sizes and type of felting needles to refine your wool felt works, this is the felting needles sample set for you.

This kit includes the following:-
-1 x Sponge
-3 felting needles (Thick, medium, fine)
-1 set of leather finger guard

Basic information on felting needles
-The thick needle is the thickest needle in the package. It felts faster and do not break easily, but then to leave visible holes on the surface. They are generally used in the initial shaping stage for coarse fibers and attaching pieces
-The medium needle is the most commonly used all rounder needle. It is great for further shaping and tightening work
-The fine needle is best for felting fine details. It can be used for finishing & cleaning up of the surface – refining small holes on the surface to make it smooth and neat

*Purchase an Instruction Kit to get RM 10 off a Basic Needle Felting Tool Kit

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