Dear friends at Shopee, a big hello from us at Herohand! If you are reading this page, we assume you would have received the Needle Felting Craft Bento from us. We are super excited about the workshop with you in the coming week!

First things first, please make sure you have received the list of items as below in your Craft Bento, we will need everything here for the workshop, in the unlikely event that you are missing any items, please get in touch with the person in charge immediately 

  • 1x pair of leather finger cots
  • 1x bottle of felting needle
  • 1x Foam block
  • 1x set of wool combo
  • 9x Keychains
  • 1x packet of jump rings

Here’s the link to our Zoom meeting


Topic: Shopee x Herohand – Sushi Needle Felting Workshop
Time: Jul 30, 2021 06:30 PM Singapore

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Meeting ID: 984 1148 4353
Passcode: 3964236155
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Can’t wait to meet all of you!

Sushi Needle Felting Deck:

Sushi Needle Felting Design Guide:

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How to make a Salmon Nigiri Sushi

1. Draw your sushi body (rice) size on a paper 

Horizontal/ length: 3cm

Vertical/ height: 2cm 

and, then using those measurements as a guide, create an oval shape [Refer image].


2. Roll a bunch of white wool into the oval shape you drew, slightly bigger than the oval shape will do. 

3. Then start poking the wool with the thickest needle. If you see needle holes on the wool, Don’t worry, continue poking until firmer, then change to finer needle and continue poking. Until you are at your finest needle, if you still see some holes, take a bit more wool to cover the holes and poke with finest needle to close the holes


4. Fold a thin layer of orange colour wool into the salmon rectangular shape you draw just now, but slightly bigger.




5. Then start poking the wool with the thickest needle. Continue poking until firmer, then change to finer needle and continue poking. If you see needle holes, cover it with a thin layer of wool and attach it onto the salmon with finest needle

[Adding white lines on salmon]

6. Pick out 5 lines of white wool, rub each string into your desired thickness

7. Poke them lightly onto the salmon (to attach the lines to the salmon)

[Attaching mouth onto rice]

8. Roll two small balls of white wool (for the mouth on the rice)

9. Attach it onto the rice by poking the sides of the ball into the body of the sushi rice [Remember to only poke the sides]; Followed by the other ball

10. If the balls are too big, poke it and it’ll become smaller

[Making eyes and nose]

11. Roll three small balls of black wool (for the eyes and nose on the rice)

12. Attach one black ball at the top centre of the mouth by poking it into the sushi rice.(If the ball is too big, poke it and it’ll become smaller)

13. Do the same for the eyes (If the size of both eyes are not similar, you can add wool on the smaller one)

[Attaching Salmon and Sushi rice together]

14. Put salmon on top of Sushi rice, use finest needle to poke through the Salmon into the sushi rice to attach the both of them

15. Once it’s slightly attached, use the medium thickness needle to poke through the base of the salmon into the rice ball (surrounding the side of the salmon

[Attaching keychain hardware onto the Salmon]

16. Use the thickness needle, poke through the top of the salmon to create two holes on the Salmon

17. Open mouth of the jumpring, insert it through the two holes you created, attach the keychain to the jumring and close the mouth

18. Poke around the jumpring to hold the keychain tighter to the sushi

Then, you are done with your Salmon Nigiri sushi!