Dear friends at Shopee, a big hello from us at Herohand! If you are reading this page, we assume you would have received the Mooncake Craft Bento from us. We are super excited about the workshop with you in the coming week!

First things first, please make sure you have received the list of items as below in your Craft Bento, we will need everything here for the workshop, in the unlikely event that you are missing any items, please get in touch with the person in charge immediately 

1x Silicone mat
1x Rolling Pin
1x Spatula
1x Glove
1x Mooncake Mould
1x Measurement Cup
1x Mixing Bowl
1x 70g Koh Fun (Beige colored flour) **We have added 2 tablespoons extra for dusting use
1x 75g Icing Sugar (White colored flour)
1x 250g Mooncake paste (***Place this in the fridge immediately after you receive the package)
1x 25g Shortening
1x Coffee stick

***Kindly place the mooncake paste in the fridge immediately after receiving the package

There are a few important things to prep prior to the workshop –

-Wash all the tools and utensils in the package prior to the workshop
-Prepare 100ml of room temperature drinking water in the measurement cup
-Flavoring – This is optional. We prepared coffee as the snowskin flavouring, feel free to prepare something else like green tea powder, taro powder, basically anything that can be diluted in room temperature water.
-A tablespoon
-Cutter/butter knife to cut dough (optional)
-Scissors to cut open packaging

Snowskin Mooncake Making Step-by-Step:
1. Take out 2 table spoon of Koh Fun and set it aside on the blue mat provided for dusting use later
2. Add Koh fun, icing sugar, and coffee powder (or other powder form flavouring) into the stainless steel bowl, mix them evenly with a spatula
3. Add in 90g of water into the mixture and knead into a dough to be use to make the Mooncake skin later; Divide the dough into half and set them aside once 
4. Divide the paste/ filling into half; work on one of the half and set half aside for later 
5. Divide one of the half portion filling evenly into 5 and roll them into round/ ball form
6. Then, proceed with dividing half portion of the Mooncake Skin dough into 5 and roll them into round/ ball form

[Start wrapping Mooncakes]
7. Use a rolling pin/ or your hands to flatten a piece of Mooncake skin ball (for easier wrapping later, center part of the flatten ball should be thicker than the outer area)
8. Wrap it around a piece (ball) of filling. Gently push the wrapper upwards to seal completely (try not leaving any space/air between the skin and the filling)
9. Dust the mould with a bit of Koh Fun/ icing sugar
10. Put a Mooncake ball it into the mould, place the mould on the blue mat, gently press to shape.

Topic: Shopee x Herohand – Snowskin Mooncake Workshop

Time: Sep 17, 2021 06:30 PM Singapore

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