Dear friends at Shopee, a big hello from us at Herohand! If you are reading this page, we assume you would have received the Scented Candle Making Craft Bento from us. We are super excited about the workshop with you in the coming week!

First things first, please make sure you have received the list of items as below in your Craft Bento, we will need everything here for the workshop, in the unlikely event that you are missing any items, please get in touch with the person in charge immediately. 

  • 1x stainless steel melting pot
  • 1 bag of wax blend (93g soy wax + 6g bees wax)
  • 1x wick
  • 1x wick holder
  • 1x glue dot
  • 1 set of glass jar & lid
  • 1 bottle of 10ml fragrance
  • 1 bag of dried flower
  • 1x thermometer (Please check that it is working)
  • 1x stirrer stick

There are a few important things to prep prior to the workshop – 

1.Prepare a heat source – You can use kitchen stove, induction cooker or portable gas stove

2. Prepare a shallow pot and fill water up to a quarter of the pot – We will be using double boiler method to melt wax

*Make sure the pot that you are using is big enough to fit the melting pot that came in the craft bento. Wax will be melted in the melting pot, it will not touch your own pot 😉

3. Prepare a small metal container to pour remaining wax and turn them into candle melts. This is OPTIONAL

4. If you do not have a metal container above, make sure there is a rubbish bin nearby for you to discard the wax

5. Prepare a piece of rag/a few pieces of kitchen towel


Last but not least, here’s the link to our Zoom meeting: –

Topic: Shopee x Herohand – Scented Candle Making
Time: Nov 26, 2021 06:30 PM Singapore
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Can’t wait to meet all of you!

Meeting Recording:

Access Passcode: NE$427c^

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Pour wax blend into melting pot (Do not turn on the fire yet)

2. Stick wick in the center of your jar and put on wick holder 

3. Turn on the thermometer to make sure it is working

4. Start fire (Low fire for traditional stove; 80 degree for electrical stove)
PS: Monitor the temperature, not exceeding 80 degree

5. Once your wax is fully melted (no translucent bits at all), remove the melting pot from the boiling pot. Monitor the temperature until it’s lowered down to 60 degree

6. Once it is 60 degree, pour in the fragrance oil (10ml all in) and stir for 2 minutes until it’s 50 degree

7. After that, pour the melted wax into the jar until the rim height (if its below 50 degree, you can start pouring in your wax to the jar already)
Note: the excess wax, feel free to pour it into any glass container to turn it into candle melts OR dispose into a rubbish bin (DO NOT dispose directly into the sink or drain)

Candle Melts in a warmer – Sample:

8. 1 – 2 hours later when the wax is almost hardened, cut the wick until the same height as the jar top and then decorate with flowers

9. 24 hours after the decoration, your candle is ready to be lighted up! ☺️