We do what we are good at, putting personal touch on your gifts.

We provide on-site/offsite personalized gifts for your events – From notebook and card holder with monogram for our friends in corporate; to personalized keychains or coasters for your wedding guests – all done during the event, talk about memorable event experience 😉

On top of that, We digitize your gifting experience – Personalization is cool, but we also understand it comes with extra work of handling queues, personalization and collection process. Hence, all our on-site personalization comes with a complimentary digital service to ease the personalization process, that means your guests can personalize their gifts at their own pace and collect their gifts any time during the event. With this, we eliminate queues and free up time for your guests to mingle around.

During the event, your guests will scan a QR code and key in their personalization details. Our team will then receive the information and start working on the personalization. Once the personalization is done, your guests will receive an email notifying them to collect their gifts. It’s that easy!

Email us at hi@herohand.co to put together a package.

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