Dear friends at Shopee, a big hello from us at Herohand! If you are reading this page, we assume you would have received the Coffee Explorer Bento from us. We are super excited about the workshop with you in the coming week!

First things first, please make sure you have received the list of items as below in your Craft Bento, we will need everything here for the workshop, in the unlikely event that you are missing any items, please get in touch with the person in charge immediately┬á­čÖé

  • x2 Sets of Beans (Set of 4 Beans) in jute bags
  • x1 Pour-Over Kettle
  • x4 Coffee Paper Cups

Ever wondered what it means when someone remarks “this coffee has nice acidity” or “this is a very balanced cup” etc?

In this kit, you get to taste and compare side-by-side 4 different coffees, a great way to know what is an acidic, balanced, dark roast, and bold coffee profile.

These coffees are meant to be brewed using the pour-over method, as such you will be using a mini pour-over kettle, to have the “hands-on” feel of how it’s like to make a hand-brewed coffee.

You will be guided on how to go about brewing these coffees, and what to expect in each of its taste profiles.

At the end of the session, you get to know which taste profile that you like best, and thus you’ll know what type of specialty coffee to order when you hang out in cafes.

Coffees used in this kit are specialty grade arabica coffee, which has lower caffeine level than commercial grade robusta coffee, but more flavorful. So you need not to worry about caffeine overdose.

There are a few important things to prep prior to the workshop, as below

  • Prepare a water boiler
  • Get ready 1.2L of water (Consumption + rinsing)
  • A container to dispose water (You do not need a container if you are next to your basin)
  • A container to dispose used coffee bags (You do not need a container if you are next to your basin)

Last but not least, here’s the link to our Zoom meeting

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Topic: Shopee x Herohand – Coffee Exploration Workshop
Time: Aug 20, 2021 06:30 PM Singapore

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Can’t wait to meet all of you!


Here’s the link to the workshop recording:
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Have you done your homework? Let’s check out the answers now!
The handwritten numbers…

  1. Kenya nyeri, acidic profile
  2. Colombia huila, dark roast
  3. Colombia delagua, bold profile
  4. Colombia la palma, balanced/chocolatey profile