Here at Herohand, we aspire to create a therapeutic and “no rules” crafting experience – no précise measuring or weighing, no counting squares or following color guide, no need for complicated machine, don’t even need to know how to tie a knot – the kind of craft when even if you made a mistake, it will still look beautiful – all of these to focus on what’s most important – creativity & joy.

1. Workshops: We currently hold workshops in Herospace weekly, and we sell craft kits & supplies in our website. Book a workshop here.

2. Private workshops: We provide private workshops from large-scale events like product launch, influencer events, team building, client appreciation, orientation and etc; to private parties like birthday parties, bridal and baby showers, holiday parties, family gathering and etc. Workshops can be hold in Herospace or at a location of your choice, anywhere from 10 to 1000 people. Read more about it here.

3. Event gifting: We do what we’re good at, putting personal touch to your gifts. We provide on-site/off-site personalized gifts for your events – From card holders to your clients; to personalized keychains or coasters for your wedding guests. You can choose to have the personalization done on-site during your event for maximum attendee experience. To top that off, all on-site/off-site personalized gifting comes with our digital service to ease the personalisation process. Because every personalisation is unique, we provide QR Code or link for the recipient of the gift to enter their personalisation details, and the organiser won’t have to spend time managing each and every personalisation. Find out more here.

4. Herospace Rental: We hold our weekend workshops in our beautiful, contemporary space called Herospace. If you are looking for event venue, Herospace is up for rent on the days that there is no workshop. Check out our calendar and book Herospace here.


Growing up in a crafty family has fostered our interest and curiosity towards arts and crafts in a huge way. We often get intrigued by how things surrounding us are being made and would start exploring the details from material used to the process of creating. We remember how grandma used to make paper crafts sitting in front of her favorite TV show in the afternoon and spending long nights making quilts for the family, and both of us would join her making all the little craft for our home.

Despite all of that, we went to business school and pursued promising career in IT & marketing. But, wild hearts don’t settle, with our experience in corporate, we venture out and started Herohand aiming to bring arts and crafts back to people’s life in this digital world.


Success has ups and downs. Facing your fears is the key to happiness. And real success involves defining it on your own terms. The need for a universal definition of success is what constantly keeps us in a state of lack. Finding true success requires honoring the parts of you that are different than everyone else.

Us at Herohand believe that true success means living out your unique life’s purpose, and that real success is the kind where you define on your own terms. To us, being able to do what we love (crafting!) and make a difference in the world without burning out (We’d like to share the many underrated benefits of crafting towards mental health and emotional well-being to the world) is true success.

“Rethink and redefine success, listen to yourself.” –Herohand